Join us as we Submerge into an underwater realm to wash away 2017 and welcome in 2018 cleansed and refreshed and ready for a kick-ass new year. With the return of the sun after the Winter Solstice it is time to reflect on what has come and set our intentions for what will be.

We will have a full spectrum of electronic music ranging from live ambient to techno to psytrance. There will be plenty of time for rest and relaxation so bring your comfy cozy things, as well as anything else you need to enjoy the weekend. Underwater-themed costumes encouraged!

Community altar! Bring your Aquadelic altar items and whatever else will help you ring in a great new year.


Music Offerings & Set Times:
2:00 AM – Kassandra ~_♥_~ Dub Techno
4:00 AM Klaws ~_♥_~ Techno/Vinyl
5:00 AM DRaigosa ~_♥_~ Techno/Vinyl
6:00 AM Romman ~_♥_~ Techno
12:00 PM JMoNosiey ~_♥_~ Live Dark Ambient
2:00 PM Morasso ~_♥_~ Chummy Beats
4:00 PM Taylor Mott ~_♥_~ Live Techno
6:00 Corona ~_♥_~ Techno
7:00 Teban ~_♥_~ Techno
8:00 Zoltan Zicho ~_♥_~ Techno/Vinyl
10:00 PM Mesa ~_♥_~ Techno
12:00 AM Intrinsic ~_♥_~ PsyTech / Zennon
2:00 AM Spice Rapture ~_♥_~ Twilight / Forest
4:00 AM Hydruzx ~_♥_~ Forest
6:00 AM Ben Gunnels ~_♥_~ Live Ambient
8:00 AM Owen Greenwood ~_♥_~ Live Ambient
10:00 AM PanDoor ~_♥_~ Live Ambient
12:00 PM Paramnesia ~_♥_~ Ambient/Fun
2:00 PM Cyboman ~_♥_~ Live Synth Jam
8:00 PM DRaigosa ~_♥_~ Techno/Vinyl
10:00 PM Labyr1nth ~_♥_~ Psytrance
Monday 2018!
12:00 AM Kri Samadhi ~_♥_~ Psytrance
2:00 AM Baba Bubo ~_♥_~ Forest
4:00 AM Kassandra ~_♥_~ Darkpsy
6:00 AM Dane Adams ~_♥_~ Hightech
8:00 AM 56k Connection ~_♥_~ Psytrance


Entry is $10 at the door with an optional $5 donation to support coral reef restoration. Find more info about the Coral Reef Alliance at:

***This is an INVITE ONLY gathering. If you want to bring someone that has not been invited, please contact a moderator prior to the event. Capacity is limited.

This is a sock hop! Don’t worry- there will be plenty of spaces to store your shoes

BYOB *pop* *pop*

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity and intention of this event.

***————*———-In Addition————-*—-——-****

–> Visuals will be provided by Abendleuchten_Rethink Techno <–

–> Deco will be provided by Forest Frequency

–> Quadraphonic Audio will be provided by Lou Rawls <–

–> The Altar will be provided by Forest Frequency <–


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